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Aksesoris Sepeda LCD Bike Cycle Computer Odometer Speedometer  Cable General lcd bike cycle computer odometer speedometer cable general
G00195A - Aksesoris Sepeda - LCD Bike Cycle Computer Odometer Speedometer + Cable General
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Informasi Produk

Net Weight: 55g

Color: Black + Red

Size (Computer Console): 46 x 46 x 19mm

Size (LCD display): 3 x 2.5 cm

Sensor Cable Length (Approx.): 84cm

SPD : Current Speed ;up to 99.9 km/m (m/h)

ODO : Odometer (0.001 ~ 99999 km/m)

DST : Trip Distance (range from 0 ~ 9999 km/m)

MXS : Maximum Speed

AVS : Average Speed

TM : Elapsed Time (0:00:00 ~ 9:59:59)

CLK : Clock (12H/24H)

Scan : Screen display varies among DST, MXS, AVS, and TM every 4 seconds

Speed comparator ("+" "-")

Setting Speed Scale (km/h, m/h)

Setting Tire Circumference (0 ~ 9999mm)

Setting the last value of odometer/ODD (km/m)

Temperature :(-10?? ~ 70??)

Freeze Frame

Memory Maintenance Alert


2 tier LCD display

Compact and slim design

Handy, Compact, Portable and Convenient

Time display function, also can be used as a watch Wonderful gadget for traveling

Easy to install, easy to read LCD display, ideal companion for your Bike

Effectively help you to track your progress and improve your stamina

Power by 1 x (1.5V/AG13A ) battery (included).


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